Austin Songwriter speaks with Curtis McMurtry

Austin Songwriter recently connected with singer-songwriter Curtis McMurtry and we are here to tell you, the kids are alright!

He’s not really a kid anymore, and he conducts himself with considered grace and earned wisdom. Soft spoken with the well-chosen words and calm you’d expect from a McMurtry. But the words bite, as you’d also expect, and carry the weight of deep analysis and, sometimes, hard judgment.

Curtis will be releasing his new album, The Hornet’s Nest, at the Cactus Cafe on February 24th at 8:30 p.m.

Born and raised in Austin, Curtis started writing songs at the age of four and was playing in bands at thirteen. After studying history and political science at Sarah Lawrence College, he spent some time in Nashville learning the business of the art. He treasures the time he spent with the late Guy Clark, mostly in his famed workshop, listening, learning and writing a few songs with the master. He says he felt the spirit of Susanna throughout the house.

Like his father, James strayed a just a bit from the path of his grandfather Larry, but carried on the literary tradition in his songwriting. Curtis is also carrying the McMurtry family torch forward, but in a direction of his choosing. He’s just getting started, but is already building a body of work that is recognized for its depth, wit and beauty. Expect great things for a long time to come.