David Halley


Born in Oklahoma City and reared in Lubbock, David Halley blew into Austin in 1983 and commenced blowing minds with 1990’s Stray Dog Talk, a stone cold masterpiece. Hidden among a stunning array of barn-burning rockers and stuttering rock-a-billies is “Rain Just Falls”, an achingly beautiful, down home meditation on lost love that has been envied and recorded by many. Halley delivered more spark and angst with 1993’s Broken Spell, but has since quieted down, dedicating himself to fatherhood and the occasional live appearance.

Revered as uncompromising and completely original, Halley speaks a language all his own. His take on Jo Carol Pierce’s “Loose Diamonds” will give you a true glimpse into the depths of this rare soul. A new release, A Month of Somedays, is a beautiful step in Halley’s journey, and we hope for much more!